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ARO is a great tool to help speed up and keep your computer running fast by performing a total cleanup of your system. ARO comes with great features like a registry cleaner and a security scanner. It's a thorough tool that will make sure that it deletes all of the junk files off of your computer completely.
Outperforming similar defragging tools, the free Auslogics Disk Defrag program performs critical, speed-enhancing defrag operations in a clear, concise and customizable way. Reconstructing disjointed files, combining system files and consolidating free space, Auslogics will help your computer run at its maximum potential.
BitTorrent stands as one of the best apps that uses peer-to-peer file-sharing technology. This is because it facilitates fast downloads, and it also gives you a wide range of download options such as: Dynamic Bandwidth Management, Global/ Torrent Speed Limiting, RSS downloading, and Download Scheduling.
As one of the most popular choices for cloud computing, Dropbox continues to set the bar for all synchronization software, virtual servers, and file management tools. With both private and commercial subscription options, customers will find an affordable plan that will fit their own needs with a wide array of useful features and robust customer support.
Google Desktop is a desktop search application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. With this application, users can quickly locate specific files and e-mails, keep an eye on RSS feeds and install a variety of useful Google Gadgets to streamline the computing experience. Google Desktop brings the power of Google search to any personal computer.
WinRAR 64-bit is one of only a few software programs capable of handling the RAR format natively. A large range of formats can be archived and unpacked using WinRAR. The program is shareware and free to download and use by anyone.
EaseUS Partition is a fully-fledged partitioning software that makes the handling of drives and their partitions a snap. With the options to shrink and move volumes as well as reformat and repartition drives, Easeus Partition is a one-stop shop for any partitioning needs. It can also recover lost partitions in the event of an accidental formatting.
Minitool Partition Wizard allows users to accomplish large feats of disk management, partitioning and restoration in a few clicks. With different features or “wizards” to help you perform usually complicating tasks, the Partition Wizard is a sharp and precise tool for resizing, formatting, splitting, copying, creating, renaming and recovering partitions on all hard drives recognized by Windows.
When drivers are no longer updated or experience errors, the entire computer system is at jeopardy of extensive damage. With DriverMax, users can quickly compress all of their driver information into a single location and check for updates within moments. DriverMax also offers options for regular scans and error reports on damaged and unused drivers.
WinRAR takes the work out of compressing even the largest files. Select one or many files and this useful tool will quickly compress them into an archive a fraction of the size of the original files. Its secure encryption algorithms ensure the archive is safe and secure and ready for storage or file transfer.